Reflections On Sovereign Hill Camp


The First Day :
In my cabin I was with my friends
That first night we were very loud and full of excitement
Dinner that night was lasagna ,it was okay I don’t think anyone could complain
We went to MADE the museum and we went to a mine tour and had free time to explore sovereign hill the group I was with in on first day was
*Anneliese,Ella and Me
It was fun that first day!

The Second Day:
First day of costume school:
We woke up and was expected to have the plaits in our hair before breakfast that didn’t work out.
When we were having toast and cereal a lot of people were doing their hair while eating!

This is product of our plaits!
When we got to costume school which toke a very long walk
We lined up in girls and boy line smallest to tallest.
We went in to a place like kind of looked like a motel for people staying at sovereign hill, we went up some stairs to the change room we were all really excited.
There was boys on one side and girls on the other. We all sat down and listened to
Ma’am explain everything to summarise what she said
(we are all going back in time)
When we were getting changed a lot of girls didn’t like their dress or apron on top some of the girls said their dresses were too flowery!
It was great fun the first day!

The Last Day:

On the last day of sovereign hill we went to school as usual and did are trade again Milly,Ella,Chelsea and Amelia were in my group and we were doing sewing it was really fun. Then after school we got changed and got our spending money. We all spent it on lollies mostly but I just spent it on my mum for mother day with a candle and baths salts.
Next Time:
I would bring more money for lollies for my self .
Look and do more stuff maybe go to some shows.
Have more food.

Summary :
It was all great experience as you can see there not much I wouldn’t change from this camp!

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